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Table 3 Statistics extracted after the differential expression analysis for every microRNA gene.

From: Pre-processing and differential expression analysis of Agilent microRNA arrays using the AgiMicroRna Bioconductor library

Statistic Description
Probe Probe name (one of the probes interrogating the gene)
Gene microRNA gene name.
M Fold change in log2 scale.
A Mean of the intensity for that microRNA
t Moderated t statistic of the contrast obtained by the limma function eBayes()
pval p value of the t value. Degrees of freedom of the t distribution under the null hypothesis computed by eBayes()
adj.pval p value adjusted by the selected MTestmethod option. If "none" were selected, this column will be the same as pval. If we have selected "BH", then, this column will be the same as in fdr.pval.
fdr.pval p value adjusted by BH method