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Table 4 Annotation of cowpea ESTs harboring SNP markers associated with Macrophomina resistance QTL

From: Genic SNP markers and legume synteny reveal candidate genes underlying QTL for Macrophomina phaseolina resistance and maturity in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp.]

SNP marker Cowpea EST accession number Best Annotated EMBL hit E score Annotation
1_0709 FF388857 DQ446394 3.00E-42 Arabidopsis thaliana MATE efflux family protein
1_0551 FG940166 BE554813 4.90E-92 Glycine max Endo-xyloglucan transferase
1_0853 FG876090 EE127646 6.84E-74 Glycine max Pectinesterase inhibitor
1_0604 FG841619 BE190146 2.90E-72 Glycine max Pectinacetylesterase precursor
1_0464 FF544070 CA905170 6.60E-115 Phaseolus coccineus Ribosomal protein L7Ae
1_0201 FG818679 AB210817 1.50E-64 Arabidopsis thaliana Cell growth defect factor 1
1_0079 FG880038 AF145386 3.90E-84 Phaseolus vulgaris CA2+- binding protein 1
1_0496 FG909180 AB027154 3.10E-96 Vigna unguiculata Pathogenesis related protein 3
1_0699 FF382329 BG238363 3.30E-114 Glycine max Tropinone reductase homolog
1_0804 FC458836 BQ296449 1.90E-96 Glycine max Putative Chlorophyll binding protein
1_0678 FG823412 AB070752 1.00E-132 Vigna angularis Glycosyltransferase
1_0153 FC457603 FJ461591 9.20E-29 Brassica napus Chloroplast Lipase
1_0030 FG935301 AJ133146 1.60E-32 Persea Americana Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase
1_0032 FG886549 CA907484 5.80E-59 Phaseolus coccineus Protein transport protein SEC61
1_1533 FF549040 XP002881680 2.00e-95 Arabidopsis thaliana Integral membrane Yip1 family protein