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Table 3 GO-term enrichment of genes over-expressed in the European population

From: Population transcriptomics of Drosophila melanogaster females

ID Ontology Term P-value
GO:0004984 MF Olfactory receptor activity 0.018
GO:0004252 MF Serine-type endopeptidase activity 0.036
GO:0005337 MF Nucleoside transmembrane transporter activity 0.039
GO:0035214 BP Eye-antennal disc development 0.001
GO:0008052 BP Sensory organ boundary specification 0.020
GO:0009593 BP Detection of chemical stimulus 0.024
GO:0065004 BP Protein-DNA complex assembly 0.027
GO:0007608 BP Sensory perception of smell 0.027
GO:0009047 BP Dosage compensation 0.033
GO:0001508 BP Regulation of action potential 0.033
GO:0006544 BP Glycine metabolic process 0.033
GO:0008380 BP RNA splicing 0.036
  1. In cases where multiple, related terms within a GO hierarchy were significant, only a single term is given. The complete list is provided in Additional file 3. Ontology abbreviations are: MF, molecular function; BP, biological process. P-values were determined by a hypergeometric test with Benjamini-Hochberg multiple-test correction.