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Table 4 GO-term enrichment of genes over-expressed in the African population

From: Population transcriptomics of Drosophila melanogaster females

ID Ontology Term P-value
GO:0004558 MF Alpha-glucosidase activity 0.006
GO:0004806 MF Triglyceride lipase activity 0.021
GO:0003697 MF Single-stranded DNA binding 0.021
GO:0019201 MF Nucleotide kinase activity 0.021
GO:0004129 MF Cytochrome-c oxidase activity 0.036
GO:0019318 BP Hexose metabolic process 0.005
GO:0009586 BP Rhodopsin mediated phototransduction 0.006
GO:0048814 BP Regulation of dendrite morphogenesis 0.009
GO:0014866 BP Skeletal myofibril assembly 0.015
GO:0048139 BP Female germ-line cyst encapsulation 0.015
GO:0035075 BP Response to ecdysone 0.025
GO:0006119 BP Oxidative phosphorylation 0.028
GO:0012502 BP Induction of programmed cell death 0.032
GO:0006631 BP Fatty acid metabolic process 0.035
GO:0007015 BP Actin filament organization 0.035
GO:0030713 BP Ovarian follicle cell stalk formation 0.036
GO:0016028 CC Rhabdomere 0.018
GO:0044429 CC Mitochondrial part 0.025
GO:0016459 CC Myosin complex 0.025
GO:0030425 CC Dendrite 0.035
  1. In cases where multiple, related terms within a GO hierarchy were significant, only a single term is given. The complete list is provided in Additional file 3. Ontology abbreviations are: MF, molecular function; BP, biological process; CC, cellular compartment. P-values were determined by a hypergeometric test with Benjamini-Hochberg multiple-test correction.