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Figure 8

From: Comparative analysis of pepper and tomato reveals euchromatin expansion of pepper genome caused by differential accumulation of Ty3/Gypsy-like elements

Figure 8

Phylogenetic analysis of pepper and tomato Ty1/Copia -like elements. Pepper and tomato reverse transcriptases (RT) of the Ty1/Copia-like elements were used in generating the phylogenetic tree. The pepper and tomato Ty1/Copia-like elements are depicted by red and blue lines, respectively. Classified types of each subgroup are depicted by green letters. The RTs used as FISH probes are marked with triangles (red, pink, orange, and blue triangles). The FISH result for of the probes is indicated by the dotted lines (see text for details). The black arrows indicate the RTs found from the compared pepper gene-rich sequences. The bootstrap values were produced by a replication of 1000.

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