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Table 2 Correlation of m:f ratios for 41 1:1:1 orthologues genes on the Z chromosome (Z) across zebra finch, chicken and crow and for 1265 autosomal (A) 1:1 orthologues between zebra finch and crow.

From: General lack of global dosage compensation in ZZ/ZW systems? Broadening the perspective with RNA-seq

  Zebra finch Chicken Crow
Zebra finch - Z: 0.40 A:0.11
    Z: 0.30
Chicken Z: p = 0.009 - Z: 0.39
Crow A: p < 0.001 Z: p = 0.001 -
  Z: p = 0.060   
  1. Upper half: Pearson correlation coefficients for log2 (m:f); lower half: Type I error probabilities.