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Table 1 Clusters of operons from E. coli with a reference genome set of 120 genomes

From: Gene Cluster Profile Vectors: a method to infer functionally related gene sets by grouping proximity-based gene clusters

Identifier for cluster of operon Operons
Cluster 13 ackA-pta, argT-hisJQMP, artPIQM, fliAZY, glnHPQ, metNIQ
Cluster 40 fimAICDFGH, flgAMN, flhDC, slp-dctR, smtA-mukFEB
Cluster 43 flgBCDEFGHIJ , flgKL , flhBAE , fliLMNOPQR , motAB-cheAW
Cluster 163 csgDEFG, fliDST, yeaGH
  1. Operons involved in flagellar assembly are marked in bold and identifiers are those in Additional File 1