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Table 6 QRT-PCR validation of potential lung AC diagnostic biomarkers identified using PT-AT ECD.

From: A robust tool for discriminative analysis and feature selection in paired samples impacts the identification of the genes essential for reprogramming lung tissue to adenocarcinoma

RefSeq gene (probe sets/primers) WT MWT Sample pairs Fold change (AC/N)
  Dis. error P-value Dis. error P-value   
SPP1 (209875_s_at) 1 6.28E-06 0 1.25E-05 28 16.90
CENPA (204962_s_at) 4 9.00E-05 0 1.25E-05 28 1.41
SPP1 (primer) 1 3.03E-05 0 4.07E-05 24 28.91
CENPA (primer) 1 2.35E-05 0 4.07E-05 24 15.25
  1. Discrimination error (Dis. Error) is the number of misclassified pairs. Fold changes for microarray was estimated as the ratio of the mean expression values of AC tissue versus adjacent normal tissue in the same tumour sample. Fold change for QRT-PCR was estimated as a ratio of the mean CT values (which were normalized using Actin-B CT values as control) of lung cancer tissues versus adjacent normal tissues in the same tumour sample. For more details of expression and QRT-PCR data normalization procedures, please refer to the materials and methods section.