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Table 1 Number of positive, out of frame upstream and downstream negative sequences (OFN) with a window size of -10+30. Compares the two approaches: with and without the inclusion of the acquired knowledge method (InAKnow).

From: Improvement in the prediction of the translation initiation site through balancing methods, inclusion of acquired knowledge and addition of features to sequences of mRNA

  Without InAKnow With InAKnow
  Positives Up. Negatives Down. Negatives Positives Up. Negatives Down. Negatives
Mus musculus 269 327 5929 1063 327 4866
Rattus norvegicus 101 305 12940 379 305 12662
  1. Total quantity of mRNA for organisms Mus musculus and Rattus norvegicus are respectively 309 and 1317. Download in 05/03/2011.