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Table 1 Average GC content

From: Optimizing illumina next-generation sequencing library preparation for extremely at-biased genomes

Sample Library PCR-free Kapa HiFi Kapa2G AccuPrime Platinum RPA T7 Phusion
3D7 Av. %GC content 19.50 20.35 21.44 21.93 21.47 20.75 22.63 23.80
PK0076 Av. %GC content 21.92 19.79 21.07 21.37 21.91 19.66 20.95 22.87
  1. Calculated values of average GC content corresponding to each library preparation. Deviation from the 19.4% (value of the unamplified genome) indicates the effect of amplification bias. See Figure 3 A & B for a global graphical presentation of the GC content distribution. 3D7, P. falciparum strain 3D7; PK0076, P. falciparum clinical isolate.