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Archived Comments for: Characterization of the transcriptome profiles related to globin gene switching during in vitro erythroid maturation

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  1. Can it really achieve globin switching in vitro within one-phase system?

    Wentian Wang, pumc

    10 March 2013

    see below

    Competing interests

    First, I can not blieve erythropoiesis under 34-day induction with high EPO and other cell factors. In my experience, erythropoiesis will end in 2-3 is too long to sustain differenetiation. Second, in one-phase system, it can not realize globin switching spontaneously, at least I supposed so. There is a incompatible result from another reference this year, in which the globin switching can only happen under feeder cell co-culture system. So, which one is the right veritas?