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Figure 6

From: Characterization of the transcriptome profiles related to globin gene switching during in vitro erythroid maturation

Figure 6

Identification of transcription factor binding sites in the β-locus. A) Shown is a schematic diagram of the DNA sequence positions (NG_000007.3) used in the TESS, TFSEARCH, Weeder H and Fire analysis for profile-1 genes. The figure is not drawn to scale. Abbreviations: LCR, locus control region; NCR(g), noncoding region HBG2; NCR(b), noncoding region HBB. See methods for more details of DNA sequence location. B) Shown is a schematic diagram of the genomic locations used in the transcription factor binding site analysis for profile-2 genes. Binding sites for profile-3 genes were identified using a combination of panels A and B sequences (LCR, NCR(g), HBG2/HBG1, NCR(b), and HBB regions). C) Hierarchical clustering analysis was performed for profile-1, -2 and -3 genes predicted to have binding sites in the β-locus. The data were analyzed as described in Figure 4B. The transcription factors are labeled on the right side of the image.

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