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Figure 2

From: GeSICA: Genome segmentation from intra-chromosomal associations

Figure 2

Functional validation and exploration of regions with different interaction ratios and two genomic states in GM06990 cell line. (A) Shown is the distribution of DNase I HS site numbers in bins grouped by different percentile ranges of ranked interaction ratios (0 ~ 50%, 50% ~ 60%, 60% ~ 70%, 70% ~ 80%, 80% ~ 90% and 90% ~ 100% are listed here). The numbers of the DNase I HS sites increased with the interaction ratio. (B) Displayed are percentages of different transcription factor binding sites and histone modification peaks located in plus-state region. Different colors indicated different scales of fold-enrichment of the binding sites in plus-state regions to the minus-state regions in GM06990 cell line. P300 had the highest proportion of binding sites in plus states, while Zzz3 and H3K27me3 had the lowest.

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