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Table 3 Participation of NF-κB-family binding motifs among human TFBS

From: The dependence of expression of NF-κB-dependent genes: statistics and evolutionary conservation of control sequences in the promoter and in the 3′ UTR

Group of genes Number of TFBS found  
NFκB c-Rel p50 p65
Early 31 27 18 17  
Middle 32 34 16 20  
Late 18 22 14 12  
(B)      Avg. number of TFBS a)
Sum for dataset 81 83 48 49 6.07
Sum for 50 random sequences 28 49 15 26 2.36
Average sum for shuffled sequences 22.6 36.7 13 15.5 2.09
  1. Numbers of separate TFBS found in the promoter regions of NF-κB-dependent genes (43 genes) and in randomly generated sequences (50 sequences). Part (A): counts of NF-κB family TFBS found in each group of genes in dataset. Part (B): Total counts of each type of TFBS in the dataset and number of motifs found in randomly generated sequences of length 1000 bp, and average sum of the motifs found in shuffled sequences (each sequence shuffled 10 times). Last column corresponds to the average number of NF-κB family TFBS found in one sequence. Motifs were found using NucleoSeq software which enables looking for distinct motifs; there is significant difference between number of TFBS found in real sequences and shuffled (p = 0.0286).
  2. a) Average number of TFBS per gene in dataset (Early, Middle or Late).