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Table 8 Classification of genes common to Tian et al. and Hao & Baltimore studies

From: The dependence of expression of NF-κB-dependent genes: statistics and evolutionary conservation of control sequences in the promoter and in the 3′ UTR

Gene name Classification based on ARE count (mRNA stability)[34] Classification based on expression pattern[2]
PTGS2 Early Early
CXCL1 Early Early
CXCL2 Early Early
IL6 Early Early
TNFAIP3 Early Early
NFKBIA Early Early
IRF1 Early Early
ICAM1 Middle/ Early Late
CCL20 Middle/Early Early
IFNGR2 Middle Middle
NFKBIE Middle Middle
RELB Middle Middle
TNFAIP2 Middle Middle
TAPBP Late Late
  1. Classification of genes common to Hao and Tian studies. Columns: classification based on ARE occurrence in 3′UTR[34], and classification based on expression timing after TNF simulation[2]. Borderline genes shown in bold.