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Figure 5

From: Deciphering the genomic structure, function and evolution of carotenogenesis related phytoene synthases in grasses

Figure 5

Effect of ABA treatment on wheat PSY expression. (a) Experimental design. (b) Expression level of PSYs in non-stressed leaves and roots. Transcript levels were normalized using the wheat spastin and RNase L inhibitor-like cDNA. (c) (d) (e) Figures show PSY response (y-axis) to ABA treatments at the three different tested concentrations (50 μM in c panel, 100 μM in d panel and 150 μM in e panel) in both leaves and roots (see legend) from 0 to 8 hours (x-axis). cDNA and expressed relative to the level detected in not stressed tissues. Each stage has been compared two by two with a confidence level of 95%. The statistical significance in gene expression is shown by an astrisck (*). (f) Efficiency of ABA on PSY 3 induction in wheat roots.

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