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Table 6 Medicago, soybean and Arabidopsis EZA1/SWINGER genes BLAST to cowpea genomic resources

From: Leaf morphology in Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp]: QTL analysis, physical mapping and identifying a candidate gene using synteny with model legume species

EZA1(SWINGER) ortholog Cowpea genome e-score Cowpea unigene e-score
Medtr7g133020 C27495629 1.00E-15 21752 4.00E-11
Glyma03g38320 C27664167 7.00E-30 21752 1.00E-17
Glyma19g40430 scaffold28398 6.00E-36 21752 6.00E-10
AT4G02020.1 C27495629 3.00E-22 21752 9.00E-21