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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes in the dauer versus dauer-exit comparison

From: Divergent gene expression in the conserved dauer stage of the nematodes Pristionchus pacificus and Caenorhabditis elegans

P. pacificus transcriptome is relatively more dynamic in dauer to dauer-exit transition (FDR corrected p-value < = 0.05)
  Up Down Total Total genes on array
C. elegans 476 441 917 20143
P. pacificus 3545 1394 4939 20446
  1. The Agilent arrays interrogate 20,446 genes for P. pacificus and 20,143 genes for C. elegans. We measure expression changes in the dauer to dauer-exit (12-hour time-point) transition using species-specific mix-stage sample as a common technical reference. Genes were called significantly differentially expressed (up- or down- regulated) based on a FDR corrected p-value cut-off of 0.05. P. pacificus transcriptome appears to be more dynamic during this transition.