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Figure 4

From: The immune gene repertoire of an important viral reservoir, the Australian black flying fox

Figure 4

a. Phylogenetic analysis based on amino acid alignments of bat Mx with representative vertebrate species. Branch support is indicated as the percentage of 1000 bootstrap replicates and is shown where support is >60%. Species names are: B. taurus (Bota), E. caballus (Eqca), G. gallus (Gaga), H. sapiens (Hosa), M. musculus (Mumu), O. aries (Ovar), O. cuniculus (Orcu), R. norvegicus (Rano), S. scrofa (Susc). Phylogenetic analysis was performed based on alignment of amino acid position 49 to the end of the P. alecto Mx sequence with the corresponding region of Mx from other species. b. Alignment of deduced amino acid sequences of bat Mx with human and mouse Mx sequences. The conserved tripartite GTP binding domain, dynamin family signature, leucine residues and Loops 2 and 4 are shown in bold. The nuclear localisation signal present in mouse Mx1 is shaded. Dashes indicated similarity and dots indicate gaps.

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