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Table 3 Potential targets of miRNAs with significantly changed expression during rice grain filling

From: Identification of novel MiRNAs and MiRNA expression profiling during grain development in indica rice

Name Putative targets (score) Functions Pathway
miR159 LOC_Os01g12700(1) Myb-like DNA-binding domain Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os05g41166(1) Transcription factor GAMYB Signal transduction or/TF
miR164 LOC_Os02g36880(1) NAC domain protein NAC5 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os06g46270(1) NAC domain-containing protein 21/22 Signal transduction or/TF
miR1850 LOC_Os04g33510 (2.5) Expressed protein Unknown pathway
  LOC_Os09g29200 (3.5) Glutathione S-transferase Redox homeostasis
miR1862 LOC_Os02g30730(3) SART-1 family protein Cell cycle/biogenesis
  LOC_Os02g48300(4) Flavonol synthase/flavanone 3- hydroxylase secondary metabolism
  LOC_Os05g03174(4) F-box domain containing protein Protein degradation
  LOC_Os01g53700(4.5) Glycosyltransferase Carbohydrate metabolism
  LOC_Os03g58290(4.5) Mitochondrial-processing peptidase alpha subunit Amide acid metabolism
  LOC_Os07g22930(4.5) Granule bound starch synthase GBSS1b, Carbohydrate metabolism
  LOC_Os07g09460(4.5) Indole-3-glycerol phosphate lyase Lipid metabolism
miR1874-3p LOC_Os01g05680(4) Geranylgeranyl transferase type-1 beta subunit Protein folding and transport
  LOC_Os07g38110(5) Tic20-like protein Protein folding and transport
miR1874-5p LOC_Os03g02590(3.5) Peroxisomal membrane protein PEX11- Redox homeostasis
  LOC_Os05g18774(3.5) Protein phosphatase 1 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os01g16870(4.5) Argonaute-like protein RNA processing
  LOC_Os08g28410(4.5) Anther-specific proline-rich protein APG Organ development
  LOC_Os06g51084(5) 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme Carbohydrate metabolism
miR160 LOC_Os06g47150(1) Auxin response factor Signal transduction or/TF
miR166 LOC_Os03g43930(3.5) Class III HD-Zip protein 4 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os03g01890(3.5) Rolled leaf1 Organ development
miR167 LOC_Os04g57610(3.5) Auxin response factor 8 Signal transduction or/TF
miR171 LOC_Os02g44360(0) SCARECROW gene regulator Signal transduction or/TF
miR396 LOC_Os02g47280(1) Growth-regulating factor Cell cycle/biogenesis
miR444 LOC_Os02g36924(0) MADS-box transcription factor 27 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os04g38780(0) MADS-box transcription factor 27 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os02g49840(1) MADS-box transcription factor 57 Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os08g06510(2) Zinc finger, C3HC4 type family protein Signal transduction or/TF
miR530 LOC_Os02g14990(2) Zinc finger, C3HC4 type family protein Signal transduction or/TF
  LOC_Os01g01120(2.5) E-1 enzyme, putative Protein degradation
  LOC_Os01g43380(3) Transferase, transferring glycosyl groups Carbohydrate metabolism