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Table 2 CD-epitope cores derived from γ-gliadins

From: Celiac disease T-cell epitopes from gamma-gliadins: immunoreactivity depends on the genome of origin, transcript frequency, and flanking protein variation

epitope new epitope nomenclature** 9-mer core
DQ2-γ-VIIb3* DQ2.5-glia-γ4c Q QPQ QPFPQ
DQ2-γ-VI3 DQ2.5-glia-γ5 Q QPFPQ QPQ
DQ2.5-glia-γ2a6 x FPQ QPQ QPF
DQ2-γ-II(Glia γ30)3,4 DQ2.5-glia-γ2 IQPQ QPAQL
DQ2-γ-I (Glia-γ1)2 DQ2.5-glia-γ1 PQ QSFPQQQ
DQ2-γ-VIIa3 DQ2.5-glia-γ4b PQPQ QQ FPQ
DQ2-γ-IV5 DQ2.5-glia-γ4a SQPQ QQ FPQ
DQ2-γ-III5* DQ2.5-glia-γ3 Q QPQ QPYPQ
DQ2-glia-γ2b6 x YPQ QPQ QPF
  1. CD-epitope cores (9-mer binding cores) derived from γ-gliadins. The targets for tTG deamidation are depicted in bold underlined. 2Sjöström et al. [17], 3Qiao et al.[7], 4Vader et al.[22], 5Arentz-Hansen et al [19], 6Stepniak et al.[21]. *deamidation dependent epitope, Q QPQ QPF/YPQ, deamidation at position 4 is HLA-DQ2 restricted and deamidation at positions 1 and 9, Q QPQ QP(F/Y)PQ is HLA-DQ8 [8]; the same counts for DQ2-γ-VI (Q QPFPQ QPQ), in case of deamidation at P1 and P9 this epitope is HLA-DQ8 restricted [9]. ** Nomenclature and listing of celiac disease relevant gluten T-cell epitopes (Sollid et al. [55]).