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Table 1 Composition details of the cDNA references

From: Expression sequence tag library derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of the chlorocebus sabaeus

Species name Release version Number of transcripts Number of genes
C. jacchus Cjacchus3.2.1.63 55,137 32,339
G. gorilla gorGor3.63 35,727 29,216
H. sapiens GRCh37.63 174,598 53,894
M. mulatta MMUL_1.63 44,725 30,247
M. murinus micMur1.63 25,035 25,036
N. leucogeny Nleu1.0.63 31,550 26,526
O. garnettii BUSHBABY1.63 22,804 22,800
P. troglodytes CHIMP2.1.63 41,488 27,116
P. abelii PPYG2.63 31,566 28,088
T. syrichta tarSyr1.63 20,261 20,215
  1. For each species, the release version of the cDNA reference used and the number of transcripts and genes that composed the cDNA reference are indicated. All the cDNA references have been retrieved from the Ensembl [38] database.