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Table 3 GO term enrichment analysis using DAVID

From: Increased sensitivity of next generation sequencing-based expression profiling after globin reduction in human blood RNA

GO: Term Count % of genes P value
MF Ion binding 383 23.7 7.90e-6
MF Cation binding 380 23.6 4.30e-6
MF Metal ion binding 379 16.4 2.20e-6
MF Transition metal ion binding 272 16.9 9.80e-7
MF Zinc ion binding 229 14.2 3.50e-6
MF DNA binding 214 13.3 9.50e-4
BP Regulation of transcription 214 13.3 8.40e-2
CC Intracellular non membrane bound organelle 210 13.0 1.30e-2
BP Transcription 183 11.3 2.50e-2
CC Plasma membrane part 176 10.9 3.70e-2
  1. Top 10 Gene Ontology terms found enriched by the DAVID online analysis tool in the 2,112 transcripts uniquely found in the globin reduced samples. P-value reflects the P-value from the hypergeometric test. CC-Cellular Component, BP-Biological process, MF-Molecular function.