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Table 3 Presence of metabolic pathways for the utilization of the electron donor substrates amended to the three enrichment cultures as detected using MG-RAST annotations

From: Comparative metagenomics of three Dehalococcoides-containing enrichment cultures: the role of the non-dechlorinating community

  # Pathways complete/partial* Taxonomic Classification of Pathways
  DonnaII ANAS KB-1 DonnaII ANAS KB-1
A - Lactate to Acetate via Pyruvate (3 genes) 2/2 1/6 0/1 α-P, Firm/Act, BC Firm/α-P, BC, β-P, Cya, γ-P, Planc /γ-P
B – Lactate to Ethanol (4 genes) 2/2 1/5 0/1 α-P, Firm/Act, BC Firm/α-P, BC, β-P, Fib, γ-P /Fib
C - L-lactate to Acetate directly (EC 0 0 0    
BUTYRATE (DonnaII)       
To Acetyl-CoA and Acetoacetate
(5–7 genes)
4/8 2/6 1/2 δ-P, Firm, γ-P, β-P/Act, α-P, BC, Cflx, CrenA, EurA, Fib, Fus δ-P, Firm/Act, α-P, β-P, EurA, Fus, γ-P Firm/BC, δ-P
METHANOL (KB-1)       
A - to Formaldehyde (ECs 9 6 6 Act, BC, β-P, DT, δ-P, ϵ-P, EurA, Firm, γ-P BC, β-P, δ-P, EurA, Firm, γ-P BC, β-P, δ-P, EurA, Firm, γ-P
B - to Methyl-CoM, eventually to coenzyme M (4 genes) 1 1 1 EurA EurA EurA
  1. Abbreviations are as follows: Act = Actinobacteria, α/β/δ/ϵ/γ-P = Proteobacteria, BC = Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi group, Cya = Cyanobacteria, Cflx = Chloroflexi, CrenA = Crenarchaeota, Dhc = Dehalococcoides, DT = Deinococcus/Thermus group, EurA = Euryarchaeota, Fib = Fibrobacteres/Acidobacteria, Firm = Firmicutes, Fus = Fusobacteria, Planc = Planctomycetes, Therm = Thermotogae.
  2. *partial – 40% or greater of pathway must be detected, for lactate to acetate conversions, initial step was required to be present.