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Table 4 Presence of methionine biosynthesis pathways in the three enrichment cultures as detected using MG-RAST annotations

From: Comparative metagenomics of three Dehalococcoides-containing enrichment cultures: the role of the non-dechlorinating community

  # Pathways complete/partial* Taxonomic Classification of Pathways
Pathway DonnaII ANAS KB-1 DonnaII ANAS KB-1
Methionine synthesis
Methylation pathway (from methylene-tetrahydrofolate and L-homocysteine) 2 3 3 Firm, γ-P δ-P, Firm, γ-P BC, δ-P, Firm
betaine-homocysteine S-methyltransferase (BhmT) 0 0 0    
Uptake of Methionine
Methionine transporter MetT 5 3 2 δ-P, Firm, Fuso, γ-P, Spiro δ-P, Firm, Fuso BC, γ-P
ABC Met transporter (3 components) 5/2 4/2 0/1 α-P, β-P, DT, ϵ-P, Firm/Act, γ-P α-P, ϵ-P, Firm, γ-P/Act, β-P None/Firm
  1. A full diagram of this system is available through the SEED viewer at ( Taxonomic abbreviations are as in Table3.
  2. *partial – 40% or greater of pathway must be detected.