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Table 2 Top 25 GO categories overrepresented in SI of SPF mice compared to GF mice

From: A microarray analysis of gnotobiotic mice indicating that microbial exposure during the neonatal period plays an essential role in immune system development

GOID Term Number of Probes p_int
GO:0015992 proton transport 67 < 1.0E-18
GO:0015986 ATP synthesis coupled proton transport 44 < 1.0E-18
GO:0006099 tricarboxylic acid cycle 39 < 1.0E-18
GO:0016192 vesicle-mediated transport 95 < 1.0E-18
GO:0006631 fatty acid metabolic process 63 < 1.0E-18
GO:0045454 cell redox homeostasis 46 1.11E-16
GO:0006754 ATP biosynthetic process 40 2.78E-15
GO:0006096 Glycolysis 56 5.32E-13
GO:0016481 negative regulation of transcription 68 1.05E-12
GO:0042254 ribosome biogenesis and assembly 96 2.27E-11
GO:0009987 cellular process 85 2.41E-11
GO:0001501 skeletal development 27 3.77E-11
GO:0006461 protein complex assembly 52 3.84E-11
GO:0021799 cerebral cortex radially oriented migration 5 5.23E-11
GO:0021813 cell-cell adhesion involved in neuronal-glial interactions involved in cerebral cortex glial-mediated radial cell migration 5 5.23E-11
GO:0021589 cerebellum structural organization 5 5.23E-11
GO:0021942 radial glia guided migration of Purkinje cell 5 5.23E-11
GO:0000160 two-component signal transduction system (phosphorelay) 31 6.78E-11
GO:0008654 phospholipid biosynthetic process 41 1.00E-10
GO:0007031 peroxisome organization and biogenesis 20 4.44E-10
GO:0007399 nervous system development 96 7.76E-10
GO:0044267 cellular protein metabolic process 26 1.06E-09
GO:0006396 RNA processing 75 1.15E-09
GO:0007162 negative regulation of cell adhesion 11 2.04E-09
GO:0007266 Rho protein signal transduction 38 2.27E-09
GO:0007229 integrin-mediated signaling pathway 36 8.14E-05
  1. MGP analysis was performed on GO BP categories which contains 4 ~ 99 genes (“Number of Probes”). The categories were sorted according to the integrated p value (p_int) and top 25 are represented. The categories related to energy cycle are noted (e.g., “proton transport”, “tricarboxylic acid cycle”, “ATP biosynthetic process”, and “Glycolysis”).