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Figure 7

From: Genome-wide SNP discovery in walnut with an AGSNP pipeline updated for SNP discovery in allogamous organisms

Figure 7

Distribution of 5,402 SNP loci genotyped with the 6 K Infinium SNP assay in 32 walnut breeding cultivars and germplasm accessions. The loci are arranged by their locations in FPC contigs and the location of contigs on the physical map. Bracketed values after cultivar and germplasm names are percentages of heterozygous loci. The color maps show the distribution of genotypes of loci in physical map contigs. Loci labeled blue and red are homozygous genotypes scored as AA and BB by the 6 K Infinium, respectively, and markers labeled green are the AB heterozygous loci. Note that variation is evenly distributed across the physical map in all investigated accessions. The origin of each accession is specified in parentheses.

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