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Table 2 Strains used in this study

From: Comparative analysis of the Oenococcus oeni pan genome reveals genetic diversity in industrially-relevant pathways

Strain Other isolate name(s) Commercial supplier Place of origin Reference(s Genbank accession number
AWRIB129 Type strain; DSM 20252   France [28]; This study AJTP00000000
AWRIB697 BAA-1163; IOB8413     AAUV00000000
AWRIB563 PSU-1   USA (1972) [29] NC_008528
AWRIB429 Lalvin VP41 Lallemand Abruzzi region, Italy [11]; This study ACSE00000000
AWRIB418 MCW Lallemand Sonoma Country, USA This study ALAE00000000
AWRIB419 Lalvin EQ54 Lallemand Cote de Rhone, France This study ALAF00000000
AWRIB553 Elios-1 Lallemand Tuchan Languedoc, France This study ALAI00000000
AWRIB548 MT01; BL01 Lallemand France This study ALAH00000000
AWRIB422 Viniflora CH35 Chr Hansen   This study ALAG00000000
AWRIB202    Coonawarra, Australia (1994) [11]; This study AJTO00000000
AWRIB304    Adelaide Hills, Australia (1999) [11]; This study AJIJ00000000
AWRIB318 NCDO 1884   Merbein, Australia (1956/57) [30]; This study ALAD00000000
AWRIB568    Mt Mary, Australia (2008) This study ALAJ00000000
AWRIB576    Mt Mary, Australia (2008) This study ALAK00000000