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Table 1 List of selected candidate functional genes related to the formation of the phenotype of QS

From: Comparative transcript profiling of gene expression between seedless Ponkan mandarin and its seedy wild type during floral organ development by suppression subtractive hybridization and cDNA microarray

GenBank accsession no. EMI a Description b e-Value c Clones d
JU497309 B9SST7 Male sterility protein 2E-77 7
JU497311 B9S7V4 STS14 protein 6E-23 3
JU497315 Q5CD81 (E)-beta-ocimene synthase 1E-120 2
JU497324 B9RXQ0 Tryptophan synthase beta chain 6E-91 2
JU497327 B9RT81 Multidrug resistance pump 5E-50 3
JU497333 B9S7Q2 Zinc finger protein 1E-67 3
JU497348 A9ZN18 Geranyl-diphosphate synthase 3E-11 5
JU497417 B9R726 Xylem serine proteinase 1 7E-24 1
JU497359 B9SCQ9 Oxidoreductase 2E-36 1
JU497418 A1ECJ7 Putative miraculin-like protein 2 7E-24 1
JU497422 A9XCN2 Putative DNA binding protein 2E-24 1
JU497389 B9I523 Multidrug resistance protein ABC transporter family 1E-121 2
JU497397 B9SIR0 S-locus-specific glycoprotein 2E-45 1
JU497403 B9S0U2 Stomatin-1, putative 1E-07 1
JU497308 B9S7Q1 Zinc finger protein 1E-140 2
JU497318 B9S1E9 Transcription factor AtMYC2 4E-20 2
JU497321 B2VQE0 Methionine synthase 1E-107 4
JU497323 P42802 Inositol-3-phosphate synthase 1E-112 4
JU497331 B9SR02 Multicopper oxidase 6E-78 2
JU497332 B3RGD7 CBF/DREB-like transcription factor 6E-44 4
JU497336 B9RRA4 Cysteine protease 2E-25 2
JU497338 Q8VWL8 Beta-mannosidase 6E-64 2
JU497342 O82547 Chitinase CHI1 8E-28 7
JU497343 O49817 Late embryogenesis abundant protein 2E-22 2
JU497344 B9SI15 Ubiquitin-protein ligase 2E-54 2
JU497351 A9PLA1 AP2/ERF domain-containing transcription factor 2E-46 1
JU497352 B9T724 GATA transcription factor 4E-62 1
JU497353 B9RZK6 Protein COBRA 4E-82 1
JU497354 A2IB54 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 4E-85 1
JU497356 B9RST2 Glutamine synthetase plant 3E-71 1
JU497357 Q3KN68 Isoflavone reductase-like protein 5 2E-56 1
JU497361 B9SQM6 Transcription factor 3E-34 1
JU497362 Q9FT21 Putative glutathione S-transferase T3 2E-07 1
JU497364 B9GWH5 Glutathione peroxidase (Fragment) 2E-25 1
JU497367 B9RN18 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase 3E-54 1
JU497368 B9R762 R2R3-myb transcription factor 1E-69 1
JU497369 O82547 Chitinase CHI1 8E-28 1
JU497419 P83948 Pectinesterase-3 1E-46 1
JU497372 B9NBQ9 AP2/ERF domain-containing transcription factor 1E-108 1
JU497373 Q9ZRC9 ACC oxidase 6E-36 1
JU497421 A5YWA9 NAC domain protein 1E-51 1
JU497378 Q7Y066 Plasma membrane H+-ATPase 1E-114 1
JU497423 B9RIP3 Hevamine-A 1E-22 1
JU497424 B9T0Z2 ADP/ATP carrier protein 1E-06 1
JU497427 Q84U94 Chlorophyll a/b-binding protein (Fragment) 2E-14 1
JU497388 A7XUL4 dehydration-responsive element binding protein 1E-14 1
JU497391 Q4F6Y8 Putative AP2-binding protein 6E-15 1
JU497398 Q6EV47 Non-specific lipid-transfer protein (Fragment) 1E-45 1
JU497401 B9SJL5 Amine oxidase 1E-57 1
JU497405 B9S925 Zinc finger protein 3E-88 1
JU497406 B9T868 Putative peroxidase C3 (Fragment) 8E-26 1
JU497434 Q8H2A1 Caffeoyl CoA O-methyltransferase (Fragment) 3E-11 1
JU497412 B9HGW6 Glutaredoxin 6E-20 1
JU497413 B9R762 R2R3-myb transcription factor 3E-21 1
  1. a The EMI codes of the most similar genes to the EST sequences.
  2. b The description of sequences based on Uniprot database.
  3. c The best e-value from a BLASTx search for corresponding EST sequences.
  4. d The number of sequenced clones in the libraries.