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Table 1 Development a large-scale oligonucleotide array for spruces ( Picea spp ): sequence information used to design oligonucleotide probes from Picea glauca and P. sitchensis sequences

From: Transcriptome profiling in conifers and the PiceaGenExpress database show patterns of diversification within gene families and interspecific conservation in vascular gene expression

Category Number of probes % Probe designed1 Confirmation of P. glauca (Pgl) cDNA clone or other
1 11,214 35% Pgl Confirmed in Pgl and Psi cDNAs
2 12,251 39% Pgl Confirmed by Pgl 454 seqs or Psi cDNAs
3 4,840 15% Psi Confirmed by Pgl 454 seq
4 1,629 5% Pgl Unconfirmed but Pgl clones ≥ 2
5 1,670 5% Psi Psi full-length cDNA only (not found Pgl)
All 31,604    
  1. 1Each probe was designed based on the sequence of P. glauca (Pgl) or P. Sitchensis (Psi).