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Figure 5

From: Comparative genomics of the white-rot fungi, Phanerochaete carnosa and P. chrysosporium, to elucidate the genetic basis of the distinct wood types they colonize

Figure 5

Comparative evolutionary analysis of the P450omes of P. carnosa and P. chrysosporium . The two P450omes were compared at the clan (A) and family (B) levels. In the P. carnosa P450ome (266 P450s) (green bars), 10 of the 11 clans and 32 of the 36 families corresponded to those present in P. chrysosporium (149 P450s) (red bars). Numbers on the P. carnosa clan or family bars represent the membership expansion (+) or reduction (−) in that clan or family as compared to P. chrysosporium .

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