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Table 3 Comparison of Arabidopsis and rice serpin reactive centres

From: Serpins in rice: protein sequence analysis, phylogeny and gene expression during development

P1 residue type Rice locus (P2-P1′) Arabidopsis locus (P2-P1′)
Small (A, C, G, S, T) Os01g56010 (LG C) At1g64030 (GC S) (AtSRP3)
  Os11g11760 (PS G) At2g14540 (TG S) (AtSRP2)
  Os11g12410 (GA A) At2g25240 (CT S)
  Os11g12460 (FA S) At2g35580 (GC R)
Medium & large hydrophobic (F, I, L, M, P, V, W, Y) Os11g12520 (GM S) At1g62170 (YL G)
  Os11g13530 (LL S)  
  Os11g13540 (FL C)  
Polar (H, N, Q)   At2g26390 (PQ C)
Negatively charged (D, E)   At3g45220 (KD M)
Positively charged (K, R) Os01g16200 (QK G) At1g47710 (LR G) (AtSerpin1)
  Os03g41419 (LR S)  
  Os03g41438 (FR S)  
  Os11g12420 (GR A)  
  1. Amino-acid residues are divided into groups based on physico-chemical properties [47]. The P1 residue is shown in bold. Putatively non-inhibitory serpins OsSRP-PLP, -PTY and –PGY [22] are excluded from the table.