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Table 1 Description of the 54 microarray samples used in this paper

From: Microgravity simulation by diamagnetic levitation: effects of a strong gradient magnetic field on the transcriptional profile of Drosophila melanogaster

Experimental design Gender Ground
Based Facility
Condition (effective force, g*) Name of CEL file replicates
Short-term   Magnet 0 g* S0A S0B S0C
(26 h/14°C)   Magnet 1 g* S1A S1B S1C
Exposure: Females Magnet 2 g* S2A S2B S2C
From 1-2 days to   --- 1 g (14°C) SCA SCB SCC
2-3 days imagoes   --- 1 g (24°C) SDA SDB SDC
   Magnet 0 g* X0A X0B X0C
   Magnet 1 g* X1A X1B ---
  Males Magnet 2 g* X2A X2B X2C
   --- 1 g (14°C) XCA XCB ---
   --- 1 g (24°C) XDA XDB ---
Medium-term   Magnet 0 g* M0A # --- ---
(5d/24°C) Females Magnet 1 g* M1A # --- ---
Exposure:   --- 1 g MCA # --- ---
From early pupae   Magnet 0 g* N0A N0B ---
to recently Males Magnet 1 g* N1A N1B N1C
hatched imagoes   --- 1 g NCA NCB NCC
Long-term   Magnet 0 g* L0A L0B L0C L0D
(22d/19°C)   Magnet 1 g* L1A L1B L1C
Exposure: Males Magnet 2 g* L2A # --- ---
From embryo to   --- 1 g LCA LCB LCC
mature imagoes   RPM 0 gRPM R0A R0B ---
   --- 1 gRPM RCA RCB RCC
  1. From the group of 54 samples, 50 have been used in the main analysis, while four (not replicated, orphan#, microarrays shown dashed in the table) have been used only for comparisons or as internal controls. Submission to the MIAME compliant Array Express Archive at EMBL_EBI has been done [EMBL_EBI:E-MEXP-2082].