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Table 2 Imagoes developed from eggs laid during the medium term experiment

From: Microgravity simulation by diamagnetic levitation: effects of a strong gradient magnetic field on the transcriptional profile of Drosophila melanogaster

  Control at 24° Control at 14°C 1 g*
0 g*
2 g*
Total number of flies 152 86 27 5 4
% of flies in relation to 14°C 177% 100% 31% 6% 5%
% of flies in relation to 24°C 100% 57% 18% 3% 3%
  1. 25 females and 25 males were exposed to the magnetic field for 26 hours continuously. Prior to this, the males and females had been kept together for 24-48 hours. The table shows the number of eggs, deposited by the females whilst inside the magnet (0 g*, 1 g*, 2 g*), that went on to develop into imagoes outside the magnet. Two controls, one at 24°C and one at 14°C outside the magnet were performed.