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Table 2 Virion-associated proteins of phage phiCbK

From: The Caulobacter crescentus phage phiCbK: genomics of a canonical phage

Putative function Phage protein  
phiCbKa Magneto Swift Karma Rogue Colossus
Portal protein gp42 gp40 gp40 gp43 gp46 gp38
Major capsid protein gp68 gp66 gp66 gp69 gp70 gp81
Minor capsid protein gp69 gp67 gp67 gp70 gp71 gp82
Major tail tube protein gp92 gp89 gp88 gp93 gp91 gp115
Tape measure gp95 gp92 gp91 gp96 gp94 gp118
Tail protein gp97 gp94 gp93 gp98 gp96 gp120
Tail protein gp99 gp96 gp95 gp100 gp98 gp122, gp123b
Tail protein gp101 gp98 gp97 gp102 gp100 gp125
  1. aPhiCbK proteins were detected by proteomic analysis of purified virions;
  2. the homologous proteins in the other phiCbK-like phages are listed.
  3. bPhiCbK gp99 is duplicated in phage Colossus as gp122 and gp123.