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Figure 4

From: Nuclear genomic control of naturally occurring variation in mitochondrial function in Drosophila melanogaster

Figure 4

Gene expression networks underlying variation in mitochondrial state 3 respiration rates. (Panel A) Heat map of correlated probe sets after module formation for state 3 mitochondrial respiration rates (5 modules). Each point represents the correlation between two genes. The color scale bar indicates the values of the correlation. (Panel B) Network of correlated (|r|≥0.6) transcripts for state 3 module 4. Node showed as yellow in the network represents the sls gene, which was also identified by the GWA scan. (Panel C and D) Gene expression levels were measured by RT-qPCR using mRNA extracted from whole body of w1118 female flies and slsd07587 (Panel C) or slsd00134 (Panel D) female flies. Transcript levels of each gene were normalized to rp49. Values represent average of 4–6 independent replicates. Error bars represent standard error. Means designated by the same letter are not statistically significantly different from one another.

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