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Table 1 Glioma tumor suppressors [Roopra]

From: A REST derived gene signature stratifies glioblastomas into chemotherapy resistant and responsive disease

Gene symbol Correlation RE1 Site ChiP Summary
NF1 p<0.000005 Intronic-TCTAGAACCAAGGCCAG Abrajano RasGAP tumorsuppressor. Loss of NF1 by mutation or degradation occurs in many gliomas and is associated with chemotherapy resistance
BEX1 p<10^-16 Intronic-TCTAGAACCAAGGCCAG Johnson Suppresses growth of glioma xenografts, reintroduction of BEX1 in glioma cell lines induces chemotherapy sensitivity
CDKN1B/p27KIP1 p<10^-9 Upstream-TCTAGAACCAAGGCCAG - Glioma tumor suppressor known to regulate cell growth, apaptosis and sensitivity to chemotherapy
mIR-124 p<10^-29 Multiple Conaco Glioma tumor suppressor that regulates proliferation and differentiation
  1. REST ChIP Data are cited from either Abrajano et al [(2009),] Johnson et al [(2007)] or Conaro et al (2006)[[27]].