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Table 2 Genes of unknown function co-evolving with Bacillus subtilis polC

From: Distinct co-evolution patterns of genes associated to DNA polymerase III DnaE and PolC

label B. subtilis E. coli Function Functional connection String groups
BSU00030 yaaA ybcJ putative RNase or phosphorylase; conserved in yeast; very weak in E. coli2 RNA/DNA metabolism group 1
BSU00330 yabA dnaH "_ subunit of the DNA replication complex1 DNA polymerase and "y" network group 1
BSU00340 yabB "_ putative RNA methyltransferase2 RNA metabolism group 1
BSU00630 yabR "_ putative RNA degradation protein; polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase or phosphorylase2 degradosome network with RfaA group 2
BSU31390 yugI "_ putative RNA degradation protein or phosphorylase or nucleotidyl transferase; degradosome network with RfaA group 2
BSU01750 ybbP "_ homolog of YabR and RpfA2 DAC domain protein present in Archaea   group 3
BSU01760 ybbR "_ substrate for Sfp phosphopantetheinyl transferase-catalyzed protein labeling by small molecule-CoA conjugates   group 3
BSU40510 yybT ". phosphodiesterase acting on cyclic dinucleotides; possibly nanornase2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU15060 ylbM "_ conserved hypothetical protein, found in a ribonuleoprotein complex in Mus musculus2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU25630 yqeK "_ putative hydrolase   group 3
BSU25680 yqeG ". putative hydrolase   group 3
BSU11030 yitL "_ RNA-binding protein2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU19680 yozE ". conserved hypothetical protein2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU24860 yqgQ "_ putative single strand nucleic acid binding protein2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU14540 ykzG "_ omega subunit of RNA polymerase2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU16610 ylxR "_ putative RNA binding protein; putative new fold2 RNA binding group 3
BSU27380 yrzB "_ putative anti-sigma factor   group 3
BSU15830 yloU "_ conserved hypothetical protein   group 3
BSU15840 yloV dhaL putative dihydroxyacetone/glyceraldehyde kinase   group 3
BSU08680 ygaC "_ putative factor, domain associated with ribonuclease E and G, possibly involved in Fe-S group formation2 degradosome network group 3
BSU15970 ylxM "- conserved hypothetical protein2 RNA/DNA metabolism group 3
BSU27950 ysxB "- conserved hypothetical protein with ribosomal function2 ribosome group 3
BSU16000 ylqC "- putative RNA binding protein2 RNA binding group 3
BSU25670 yqeH "- GTPase involved in ribosome 30S assembly2 ribosome group 3
BSU16970 ymdB "- putative phosphoesterase   group 3
BSU27400 yrzL "- conserved hypothetical protein functionally linked to alanine tRNA loading2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU32310 yutD "- conserved hypothetical protein2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU14640 yktA "- conserved hypothetical protein   group 3
BSU15000 ylbG "- conserved hypothetical protein   group 3
BSU17880 ynzC "- conserved hypothetical protein   group 3
BSU22190 ypsA "- conserved hypothetical protein   group 3
BSU07420 yfmM "- putative polyphosphate-AMP phosphotransferase   group 3
BSU07430 yfmL "- putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase2 RNA metabolism group 3
BSU00970 yacP "- putative ribonuclease with PIN and NYN domains; similar to eukaryotic RNases2 RNA metabolism group 4
BSU23950 yqjA "- conserved hypothetical protein putative   group 4
BSU32280 yutG "- phosphatidyl-glycerophosphatas e A   group 4
BSU16845 ymfF "- putative metalloprotease protein metabolism group 4
BSU16860 ymfH "- putative processing protease protein metabolism group 4
BSU09800 yheA "- conserved hypothetical protein   group 4
BSU09930 yhaM "- 3'-5' exonuclease2 DNA/RNA metabolism group 4
BSU01450 ybxA ecfA "- energizing coupling factor ABC multiple influx transporter (ATP-binding protein)3 specific transport group 5
BSU01460 ybaE ecfB "- energizing coupling factor ABC multiple influx transporter (ATP-binding protein)3 specific transport group 5
BSU01470 ybaF ecfT "- permease component of the EcfAB influx transporters3 specific transport group 5
BSU11590 yjbL "- putative phosphatase   group 6
BSU11600 yjbM "- (p)ppGpp synthetase   group 6
BSU11620 yjbO rluD pseudouridylate synthase2 RNA metabolism group 6
BSU29820 ytpR "- putative protein with RNA binding domain2 RNA binding group 7
BSU29840 ytpP "- putative thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase with thioredoxin domain5 sulfur metabolism group 7
BSU29860 ytoP frvX glutamyl aminopeptidase; deblocking enzyme (wrong annotation in E. coli) protein metabolism group 7
BSU13480 ykrK "_ conserved hypothetical protein   
BSU14100 ykuJ "_ putative RNA-specific modification enzyme subunit2 RNA metabolism network of "y" genes  
BSU14130 ykuL "_ conserved hypothetical protein   
BSU15410 ylmH "_ factor involved in shape determination, RNA-binding fold2   
BSU17440 ynbB "_ putative C-S lyase5 sulfur metabolism  
BSU17699 ynzK "_ putative membrane protein   
BSU17910 yneF "_ conserved hypothetical protein; methionine-rich5 sulfur metabolism  
BSU19620 yodJ "_ D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase lipoprotein4   
BSU24260 yqxC "_ putative methyltransferase with RNA binding domain2 RNA binding  
BSU28650 ysgA "_ putative RNA methylase2   
BSU29780 ytxG pqiB homolog involved in DNA repair in Mus musculus1 DNA repair  
BSU29980 ytjP "_ putative dipeptidase protein metabolism  
BSU30460 ytrA "_ transcriptional regulator (GntR family)   
BSU30490 ytqB "_ putative RNA methylase2 RNA metabolism  
BSU30870 ytcB "_ putative UDP-glucose epimerase4   
BSU36340 ywpE "_ putative sortase   
BSU36910 ywlG "_ conserved hypothetical protein; present in Archaea and Eukarya   
BSU37340 ywiB "_ putative RNA binding protein possibly involved in aminoacyl-tRNA editing2 RNA binding  
BSU38499 ywzH "_ conserved hypothetical protein   
BSU40939 yyzM "_ conserved hypothetical protein   
  1. 1: DNA metabolism
  2. 2: RNA metabolism
  3. 3: transport
  4. 4: envelope metabolism
  5. 5: sulfur metabolism