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Table 2 Numbers of cis- NATs with expression evidence and nat-siRNAs, under four different conditions and in epidermal cells

From: Strand-specific RNA-seq reveals widespread occurrence of novel cis- natural antisense transcripts in rice

  Both expressed cis cbsgNAT pairs Validated in epidermal cells Pairs with siRNAs only in overlap regionf Pairs with siRNAs enriched in overlap regiong
sda 1,789 1,043 72 9
STb 1,572 949 58 5
CDc 1,668 1,003 66 5
DTd 1,668 986 75 5
Co- 1,072 (46.7%)e 725 (58.6%)e 10 (5.9%)e 2 (15.4%)e
Total 2,292 1,238 166 13
  1. a 14-d-old-seedling.
  2. b 14-d-old-seedling treated with 200 mM NaCl.
  3. c 14-d-old-seedling grown under cold stress at 4°C for 24 h in darkness.
  4. d 14-d-old-seedling treated with 20% PEG-6000.
  5. e The percentage of co-cis- NATs in the corresponding total cis- NATs was calculated.
  6. f Small RNAs were only enriched in the overlapping regions with more than five reads.
  7. g The density of siRNAs in overlapping regions was > 5 times that in non-overlapping regions.