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Table 2 Identification of potential candidate CNV genes for complex traits in the White Duroc × Erhualian F 2 population

From: A comprehensive survey of copy number variation in 18 diverse pig populations and identification of candidate copy number variable genes associated with complex traits

CNVR ID CNVR region Trait of overlapped QTL* CNV gene Phenotype in knockout mice Reference
CNVR41 chr1: 267,977,629-268,124,492 carcass length ANP32B decreased body size [39, 46]
CNVR62 chr2: 8,244,738-8,884,302 Backfat thickness BSCL2 decreased subcutaneous adipose tissue [40, 47]
   abdominal fat weight BSCL2 decreased retroperitoneal fat pad weight [40, 47]
CNVR61 chr2: 5,766,853-6,201,646 length of scapular LTBP3 decreased length of long bones [44, 48]
CNVR169 chr5: 65,533,763-65,810,346 intermuscle fat content of LD GDF3 decreased white adipose tissue amount [39, 49]
   body weight at 240 days GDF3 abnormal developmental patterning [40, 50]
CNVR199 chr6: 49,802,217-50,638,891 Glycolytic potential of LD GYS1 decreased skeletal muscle glycogen level [39, 51]
CNVR268 chr8: 43,425,758-43,955,459 mean corpuscular volume KIT increased mean corpuscular volume [43, 52]
   mean corpuscular hemoglobin KIT decreased hemoglobin content [43, 53]
     diluted coat color [54]
CNVR560 chr18: 27,001,689-32,149,496 Humerus diameter CAV1 increased bone size and stiffnes [44, 55]
  1. * QTL identified in the White Duroc × Erhualian resource population.