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Table 2 List of significant pathways in the hippocampus of type 2 diabetic rats.

From: Altered gene expression profiles in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of type 2 diabetic rats

GO Biological processes HIPPOCAMPUS Validated Not validated
Insulin/GH secretion GO:30073: insulin secretion Gal  
  GO:30252: growth hormone secretion Gal  
Oxidative stress DNA damage cell cycle GO:6950: response to stress Gal  
  GO:305: response to oxygen radical Cxcl4(Pf4)  
  GO:303: response to superoxide Akap3  
  GO:302: response to reactive oxygen species Gal Nudt15_predicted
  GO:15992: proton transport Ucp2  
  GO:6977: DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator resulting in cell cycle arrest Ptprv  
  GO:42770: DNA damage response, signal transduction Ftcd  
  GO:7346: regulation of progression through mitotic cell cycle Snf1lk  
  GO:6269: DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer NM_001008768 (Prim1)  
  GO:7089: traversing start control point of mitotic cell cycle Cdk10  
Lipid metabolism GO:1573: ganglioside metabolism Gm2a  
  GO:6695: cholesterol biosynthesis Acaa2 Acaa2
Eating/feeding behavior GO:7631: feeding behavior Gal, Agrp  
  GO:42755: eating behavior Agrp Stat3
Development of the nervous system GO:7399: nervous system development Gal, Mobp, Mobp, Cntn3 Ednrb, RGD1311340_predicted, Stat3, XM_242005
  GO:7422: peripheral nervous system development Sncg Ednrb
Others GO:50776: regulation of immune response Gal, Il22ra2  
  GO:6952: defense response Mx2  
  GO:7194: negative regulation of adenylate cyclase activity Grm2  
  GO:6032: chitin catabolism Chi3l1  
  GO:42572: retinol metabolism Retsat  
  GO:45123: cellular extravasation Itgam  
  GO:19637: organophosphate metabolism Pter  
  GO:6928: cell motility Akap3, Grm2 Stat3
  GO:9615: response to virus Mx2, Oas1 XM_215121
  1. Data were obtained using the GO pathway analysis software; specific GO pathway identification numbers are provided in the second column. "Validated genes" were confirmed by quantitative PCR analysis. Validated genes found in more than 2 significant pathways are shown in bold.