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Table 3 List of significant pathways in the prefrontal cortex of type 2 diabetic rats.

From: Altered gene expression profiles in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of type 2 diabetic rats

GO Biological processes PREFRONTAL CORTEX Validated Not validated
neurotransmission GO:7611: learning and/or memory Galr2, Prkcc, Gm2a  
  GO:7268: synaptic transmission Galr2, Prkcc, Grm2  
  GO:1507: acetylcholine catabolism in synaptic cleft Colq  
  GO:1504: neurotransmitter uptake Slc17a6  
  GO:17158: regulation of calcium ion-dependent exocytosis Trpv6  
lipid metabolism GO:1573: ganglioside metabolism Gm2a  
  GO:45332: phospholipid translocation Abca1  
others GO:9649: entrainment of circadian clock Bhlhb2  
  GO:8228: opsonization Cd47  
  GO:6032: chitin catabolism Chi3l1  
  GO:6547: histidine metabolism Ftcd  
  GO:7497: posterior midgut development Ret  
  GO:30277: maintenance of gastrointestinal epithelium Tff1  
  GO:6936: muscle contraction Galr2, Lsp1 Sgca_predicted
  GO:19882: antigen presentation NM_001008842, RT1-Aw2 (Y13890)  
  GO:9615: response to virus Oas1 XM_215121
  GO:7635: chemosensory behavior Prkcc, Prkce Prkce
  1. Data were obtained using the GO pathway analysis software; specific GO pathway identification numbers are provided in the second column. "Validated genes" were confirmed by quantitative PCR analysis. Validated genes found in more than 2 significant pathways are shown in bold.