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Table 1 Parameters of the linkage map for the YI pedigree in C. japonica

From: The construction of a high-density linkage map for identifying SNP markers that are tightly linked to a nuclear-recessive major gene for male sterility in Cryptomeria japonica D. Don

Mapping parameters YI pedigree
Total number of available markers 1364
Number of distorted markers (P < 0.01) 74
Total number of markers without segregation distortion 1290
Number of unlinked markers 11
Total number of assigned markers 1279
Number of positioned markers 1262
   Number of gSNP markers 761
   Number of hrmSNP markers 159
   Number of CAPS markers 121
   Number of RFLP markers 117
   Number of SSR markers 34
   Number of ssSNP markers 33
   Number of meaSNP markers 15
   Number of EST-SSR markers 16
   Number of SNP markers 5
   Number of ALP markers 1
Average map density, cM 1.1
Total observed map length G o , cM 1405.2
Expected map length G e , cM 1430.6
Observed map coverage C o (%) 98.2
Expected map coverage C e (%) 100.0