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Table 2 Gene ontology terms enriched for the 18 gene set validated for analysis using AraNet

From: A new RNASeq-based reference transcriptome for sugar beet and its application in transcriptome-scale analysis of vernalization and gibberellin responses

Locus_ID Gene Symbol GO Plant terms GO Cellular terms GO Function terms
AT4G26000 na shoot development; gynoecium development; Na nucleic acid binding;
AT3G07800 na Na Na thymidine kinase activity;
AT1G56580 na Na Na Na
AT5G23850 na Na Na Na
AT5G14450 na lipid metabolic process; cellulose and pectin-containing cell wall; carboxylic ester hydrolase activity;
AT5G19300 na Na Na na
AT2G45640 na response to salt stress; response to abscisic acid stimulus; mitochondrion; protein binding; transcription regulator activity;
AT1G80480 na Na plastid chromosome; na
AT5G59310 LTP4 lipid transport; response to abscisic acid stimulus; endomembrane system; lipid binding;
AT5G63090 LOB organ boundary specification between lateral organs and the meristem; chloroplast; na
AT1G69830 na starch catabolic process; chloroplast; alpha-amylase activity;
AT3G28910 MYB30 response to bacterium; hypersensitive response; response to salt stress; response to ethylene stimulus; response to auxin stimulus; response to abscisic acid stimulus; response to gibberellin stimulus; response to salicylic acid stimulus; response to jasmonic acid stimulus; response to cadmium ion; nucleus; DNA binding; transcription factor activity;
AT5G63660 na defense response; endomembrane system; na
AT4G25720 na Na mitochondrion; catalytic activity;
AT1G16070 na regulation of transcription; Na transcription factor activity;
AT2G26680 na Na endomembrane system; na
AT1G13260 RAV1 regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; response to brassinosteroid stimulus; negative regulation of flower development; leaf development; lateral root development; nucleus; DNA binding; transcription factor activity;
AT3G58690 na protein amino acid phosphorylation; endomembrane system; kinase activity;
  1. Na = not available.
  2. Underlined gene loci are connected in the extended regulatory network illustrated in Figure 6. See also the GO analysis data in Additional file 6