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Table 4 Changes on regulations between normal and treated SAECs

From: Identifying regulational alterations in gene regulatory networks by state space representation of vector autoregressive models and variational annealing

Normal SAECs Treated SAECs
ZC3HAV1L → FOXA2 Prss22 → foxn2
LIF → foxn2 Prss22 → cdk14
Cdc42ep2 → Spink6 Prss22 → Camk2n1
Siglec15 → NTN1 Prss22 → cttn
HAS3 → HAS3 Prss22 → Sfrs6
HAS3 → Enc1 Prss22 → ITGA2
HAS3 → LEPREL1 Prss22 → pkn2
  Prss22 → Hs2st1
  Prss22 → FILIP1L
  Prss22 → Hcn2
  Prss22 → KLF16
  Ktelc1 → NTN1
  Tm6sf1 → Siglec15
  1. Estimated regulations only in normal or treated SAECs are listed in the left side or right side, respectively.