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Table 1 Typing of mtDNA from whole genome sequencing samples

From: Quantitative assessment of mitochondrial DNA copies from whole genome sequencing

HapMap Family Sample Sex Relation mtDNA
YOR009 NA18507 male father 16567 bp AF346986 L1b
  NA18508 female mother 16567 bp DQ341073 L3b
  NA18506 male child 16567 bp DQ341073 L3b
CEPH146 NA12891 male father 16572 bp EU715237 H1
  NA12892 female mother 16570 bp GU945543 H13a1a1
  NA12878 female child 16570 bp GU945543 H13a1a1
CEPH1350 NA11831 male grandfather 16569 bp AY495174 H5
CEPH1341 NA06985 female grandmother 16569 bp AY882388 U4b
  1. * The references for haplogroup are selected from top BLAST results.