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Table 3 Enriched KEGG non-metabolic pathways of the 17 key regulatory modules.

From: Differential combinatorial regulatory network analysis related to venous metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Module name KEGG pathway P value
FOXO3_NM 03050~Proteasome 0.0342
  05213~Endometrial cancer 0.0213
  05223~Non-small cell lung cancer 0.0221
TP53_NM 04110~Cell cycle 0.039
  04115~p53 signaling pathway 0.0212
  04210~Apoptosis 0.027
  04310~Wnt signaling pathway 0.0459
  04722~Neurotrophin signaling pathway 0.0384
  05014~Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 0.0163
  05210~Colorectal cancer 0.0191
  05212~Pancreatic cancer 0.0215
  05213~Endometrial cancer 0.016
  05214~Glioma 0.02
  05215~Prostate cancer 0.0273
  05216~Thyroid cancer 0.009
  05217~Basal cell carcinoma 0.0169
  05218~Melanoma 0.0218
  05219~Bladder cancer 0.013
  05220~Chronic myeloid leukemia 0.0224
  05222~Small cell lung cancer 0.0258
  05223~Non-small cell lung cancer 0.0166
hsa_miR_16_M 04330~Notch signaling pathway 0.024
  04370~VEGF signaling pathway 0.0386
  04662~B cell receptor signaling pathway 0.0381
hsa_let_7e_M 04210~Apoptosis 0.0181
  04722~Neurotrophin signaling pathway 0.0258
hsa_miR_30a_M 04140~Regulation of autophagy 0.0425
  04144~Endocytosis 0.0264
STAT1_M 03440~Homologous recombination 0.0086
  04062~Chemokine signaling pathway 0.0385
  04620~Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 0.0209
  04630~Jak-STAT signaling pathway 0.0317
  05212~Pancreatic cancer 0.0144
  1. One-sided Fisher's Exact Test was used to test whether the genes in a module were significantly enriched in any KEGG non-metabolic pathways. Six modules (FOXO3_NM, TP53_NM, hsa_miR_16_M, hsa_miR_30a_M, hsa_let_7e_M, STAT1_M) of which the resultant p values less than 0.05 are included in this table.