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Figure 2

From: The complex transcriptional landscape of the anucleate human platelet

Figure 2

Correlation of platelet mRNA levels assessed by RNA-seq and qRT-PCR. ΔCt values obtained by qRT-PCR (y-axis) were plotted against the log2-normalized transcript determined by RNA-seq (x-axis). Both methods normalized to β-actin expression. Transcripts were considered “present” in the qRT-PCR with a cycle threshold of ≤35. RNA-seq transcripts were considered that were no lower than a normalized log2 expression value of -15 (i.e., 15 PCR cycles [≥ 1/32,768th] of β-actin expression). The transcript in the right lower quadrant represents β2-microblobulin, which is expressed at a higher level than β-actin. Black points derive from microarray; red points were selected as known, representative platelet genes.

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