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Table 2 rRNA depletion alters the relative quantities of transcripts

From: The complex transcriptional landscape of the anucleate human platelet

Gene Range of estimate ratios (log-scale)
DICER1 −1.35 to 2.23
DROSHA −0.97 to 1.88
EIF2C1 −0.18 to 2.10
EIF2C2 −0.30 to 1.23
EIF2C3 −0.72 to 4.06
EIF2C4 −1.19 to 0.37
XPO5 −2.50 to 2.09
  1. The range (in log2-units) of the observed ratio “normalized-gene-abundance-in-total over normalized-gene-abundance-in-depleted” from four different biological samples and for genes relevant for the RNA interference pathway. Ratios were derived from pairs of total and depleted preparations generated from the same biological sample.