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Table 3 Summary of results from microarray validation of functionality of ESTs of Amblyomma americanum

From: Why so many unknown genes? Partitioning orphans from a representative transcriptome of the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum

Total ESTs matching to microarray probes 13,962
ESTs retained: expression above 0.5% FDR threshold 8,962 (64.2%)
Retained ESTs with UniProtKB annotation 3,105 (34.6%)
Retained ESTs with I. scapularis match 3,623 (40.4%)
Total retained ESTs with annotation 3,710 (41.3%)
  1. A subset of ESTs were matched to microarray probes and expression was measured under 12 different conditions. Sequences with expression that fell below a 0.5% false discovery rate in 11 or 12 of these conditions were rejected. The remaining ESTs were characterized as annotated or unannotated according to matches to the UniProtKB protein database and to four I. scapularis genomic databases.